Wooden furniture is our passion.

We specialise in the sought after and well loved material – oak. The sturdy, chic looking and full of beautiful knots furniture will serve for many years while still being unique and with an established care routine will one day become great antique pieces.

We have produced and decorated it for years, working with renowned European brands. The experience gained throughout the years has allowed us to create several collections of universal and timeless furniture, which appeal to wide audience.

Our specialists know well the industry and have been shadowing the newest trends, styles and colours for years. The selection and size of the pieces for our collections isn’t accidental and gives us a great possibility for interior decorations for the entire house or flat.

We know how important the proper choice of materials can be. We concentrate on the quality of our raw materials, which translates into high quality and durable products. However, we also don’t forget about ergonomics and aesthetic values. We believe that furniture must have character, which will help our customers express their individual style. That is why we introduced various finishes, so that you can freely choose your favorite one.

Our aim is to ensure that our products will be loved and appreciated across Europe and that our customers will look for our uniquely created furniture collections.

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