Each piece is manufactured with specially selected materials for a particular collection. The wood cracks, imperfections and wood knots characteristic for Minimal collection, and special wood aging technology, give incredible, unique effects which you won’t find in other furniture. The surface oiling process protects it and allows the customers to use it for many years but also gives it a shabby chic vibe.

Our finishes for Cottage collection are entirely handmade, using the same technique that was used for hundreds of years, by applying few layers of eco-friendly paint and added ingridients, which can be noticed through the brush streaks. This finish allows us to bring up interesting patterns and imperfections, which in normal etting would show only after few decades years of use. We try to focus on elements that are unique for each piece. In our collections, you can find timeless finishes such as Weather Beaten, which is reminiscing old and faded oak or Dirty White which is well sought after and well fitting almost everywhere off-white finish. All materials used for furniture decorations have appropriate safety tests and are safe to use in households.

Weather Beaten

Oak furniture will clearly stay in your house for a while, whereas the unique Weather Beaten finish will emphasise the pure natural beauty of aging wood.


Off-white fits perfectly into most of the rooms, emphasising the aesthetics of the form and the finish precision.

Light Grey

Timeless grey colour will surely work out well in almost every arrangement, while the subtle colour helps to express the unconventional character of the furniture.


Beige finish embodies warmth, lightness and coziness. Discrete elegance puts the spotlight on an interesting shape and distinctive finish details.

Light Brown

Classic, soft bronze in white coffee color will make you feel warm, cozy and safe.


Strong, yet not overwhelming, bricky colour accent will catch the attention of any of your guests.
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