Use of Cookies

The site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User’s device. We use cookies according to the user’s browser settings installed in the device used by the User. The user allows or disables the use of cookies.

  1. Types of cookies used on the Website:
    • session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in the user’s browser file until they leave the Site. These cookies are mandatory for the proper operation of some applications and display of Website content.
    • permanent cookies: they are used to make the Website attractive to the User (e.g. by personalizing its navigation). These cookies remain in the User’s browser for much longer. This period depends on the Users’  web browser settings. Persistent cookies allow the transmission of information to the server Operator every time the Website is visited. Persistent cookies are also called “tracking cookies”.
  2. The User may accept or reject all types of cookies by changing the settings in a web browser according to the instructions provided by the software manufacturer regarding the security settings when using the internet.
  3. Cookies are enabled by default in many browsers. Website users can at any time change their browser settings or disable cookies. Disabling cookies may, however may cause the Website to malfunction. Using the Website with cookies enabled in your browser means that these files will be saved in the user’s device memory.

More information on cookies is available in the “Help” section of your web browser’s menu.

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